Uzunov Palace

Добре дошли в хотел “Uzunov Palace”
гр.Генерал Тошево!

Хотелски комплекс Узунов Палас е разположен в центъра на град Генерал Тошево област Добрич.Уникалното съчетание
на централно място с интериор, съчетаващ уют и стил прави комплекса изключително място за почивка.

Капацитетът на хотела е с 20 легла разположени в двойни и тройни стаи. Всички стаи са оборудвани с цифрова телевизия,интернет, хладилник, парно отопление плюс климатик и санитарен възел.

Перфектно съотношение на цена и качество.
Съчетание на удобствата на домашния уют с дискретния лукс на предлаганите стаи.
Тиха почивка в спокойна обстановка, и не на последно място – не е задължително да харчите излишни пари за скъпи ресторанти. Хотелът разполага с модерен ресторант със 100 места , който предлага разнообразен асортимент на храни и напитки . Комплексът разполага със собствен паркинг с 20 парко места.


Единична стая 40 лева
Двойна стая 50 лева
Отстъпки за групи !!!

Индивидуални оферти:

За предстоящите Коледни и новогодишни празници !

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Headache, PainStress migraines, triggering discomfort at the base of the neck, are one of the most typical sort of migraine by a broad margin. The location in between the top cervical spinal column as well as the base of your head is labelled the sub-occipital area. This location is abundant in nerve fibers, joints and also little muscle mass– all which can creating discomfort. Since this discomfort could show a serious problem, see your medical professional for a precise medical diagnosis if you experience these signs and symptoms.
Too much Muscle mass Strain

Although not entirely recognized, stress frustrations are presumed to be partially pertaining to too much muscular tissue strain as well as tightening in the top shoulders, neck, sub-occipital area and also scalp. This strain is generally dued to continual anxiety as well as bad pose, causing swelling as well as plain, throbbing discomfort. Stress migraines generate light to modest degrees of scattered discomfort dispersed around the head in a band-like pattern that consists of the rear of the head as well as base of the neck.

Stress migraines might additionally arise from adjustments amongst particular mind chemicals, such as serotonin as well as endorphins, which switch on discomfort paths as well as disrupt the mind’s capability to reduce discomfort. Along with anxiety and also bad pose, mandible clenching, anxiety, dehydration and also weak muscle mass could possibly add to stress migraines as well as discomfort at the base of the neck.

Upper Neck Disorder

The top cervical vertebrae in the neck are susceptible to injury as well as disorder. These bones function as the base for the head, and also are needed to relocate numerous instructions. When the muscular tissues, ligaments, tendons, joints or nerves of the top neck are harmed, discomfort is created in your area, however a cervicogenic migraine could likewise establish. Cervicogenic migraine is occipital or sub-occipital discomfort that stems from injury to nerves of the neck, frequently the trigeminal nerve complicated, or the little joints of the neck.

Cervicogenic frustration discomfort is typically boring as well as local near the base of the head, although it could come to be sharp with abrupt neck motions, spreading out as much as the top of the head. Upper neck disorder could be dued to osteo arthritis, rheumatoid joint inflammation, apophyseal joint impingement or misplacement, nerve origin inflammation, as well as protruding intervertebral discs. Injury, such as neck whiplash from an automobile mishap, bad position, anxiety, migraine headaches as well as enhanced age all boost the likelihood of cervicogenic frustrations and also neck discomfort.

Illness Procedures

Condition procedures could trigger frustrations at the base of your neck. Along with joint inflammation, rarer illness and also problems consist of back meningitis, which creates serious capturing discomforts up the spinal column right into the head; mind abscesses, which could develop in the occipital location of the head; Paget’s condition, which creates bone damage; human brain lumps such as meningiomas, which could possibly tax delicate frameworks at the base of the neck as well as head; as well as human brain aneurysms, which could generate unexpected, extremely painful discomfort throughout the head. The Centers for Condition Control and also Avoidance keeps in mind that both microbial and also viral meningitis commonly begin with a frustration as well as a tight neck, however generally likewise consist of high temperature, nausea or vomiting as well as level of sensitivity to light.